Top 10 Reasons To Book Your Cruise with a Travel Advisor

Booking your cruise vacation has bever been easier with the advent of the internet. You just pop online and book your trip! It can be super simple. But are you sure you’re getting the right rate or booking the right ship for you? This is where a travel advisor will come in, get to know you, and match your needs with the right ship.

Here are 10 More Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Cruise With a Travel Advisor.

1. Trained Experts Travel Advisors know their ships – and the beautiful destinations they cruise to. They’re experts because they’ve taken online courses. Plus, many of them have cruised themselves, so they know firsthand.

2. Save Time Stop searching online. Travel Advisors have a wealth of information at their fingertips, which will help save yours from hours of typing on your keyboard.

3. One-Stop Shop From booking airline tickets and hotel reservations to arranging ground transportation and shore excursions, Travel Advisors can take care of everything for you.

4. Speak Your Language Travel codes. Complex terms. Internet jargon. Sure, Travel Advisors talk the talk. More importantly, they will explain it to you so that it all makes sense.

5. Value Want exclusive deals? You got it. Travel Advisors have access to the best products for the best value for whatever unique vacation needs you may have.

6. Added Value You can’t put a price on the added “extras” a Travel Advisor provides. From picking out a perfect restaurant to helping you plan out exciting shore excursions, Travel Advisors are invaluable.

7. Professional Guidance You may not realize it, but your Travel Advisor is with you on your journey every step of the way, providing timely, insightful, professional advice whenever you need it.

8. Personalized Service Travel Advisors know you and what you value, so they’re going to ensure that every detail of your vacation is planned perfectly.

9. Unbiased Recommendations Travel Advisors work for you, which means they’re going to filter your options and make recommendations that make sense for you.

10. Customer Advocate Travel Advisors are always there for you. So if you experience a problem while traveling, your agent will act on your behalf as your personal travel advocate.

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