Discover a new destination that will enrich you and your family's sense of wonder. 

SB Family Travels is committed to matching you with your perfect destination getaway. We work with a variety of highly respected tour operators, cruise operators, and destination management companies in the business who have a variety of itineraries and prices to fit all your needs. Please look over some of the many types of trips we can help you plan.
Family Getaways

Share your travel experiences as a family, whether that's just your immediate family, or a big, multi-generational family getaway. SB Family Travels can take care of all the minute details of your trip.


My family and I have personally taken several cruises as a family and also as a couple. There is something amazing about being able to wake up, open your shades and find that you are in a new, exciting destination. SB Family Travels can help you plan our next cruise, and know that the help I provide comes from experience from the several different cruises we have taken.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Worry about the fun and not all the costs. All-Inclusive resorts are a great way for families to get away without having to worry about anything! 

Romantic Getaways

Whether your getting engaged, just got married, or are escaping the kids to reconnect, SB Family Travels can help match you the the perfect destination.


Sometimes you just need to get away from your daily life and be pampered. Let SB Family Travels help you find the perfect location for you much-needed break.We will look after all your needs so you don't have to.

Caribbean Getaway

The Caribbean is a fun, year-round getaway that can be done as a family, as a group, or as a couple. We can help provide find you the experience you're looking for and help maximize your itinerary for the best, adventure, sightseeing, or cultural immersions.

Cultural River Cruise

Whether you want to learn to cook in Italy, smell the tulips in Amsterdam, see the pyramids in Cairo or let you kids pretend to be princess' or knights in a fairy tale castle, River Cruises can take you into places that Ocean cruises can not and have more of an opportunity for full cultural immersion. Let SB Family Travels take care of all your needs.


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SB Family Travels works with a variety of reputable suppliers that will ensure you have the best trip

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