Alaska is a place that is on most people’s bucket lists. With the amazing wildlife, glaciers, and mountain views, there is something to be said for the natural beauty in Alaska. Personally, I have been planning our family’s Alaskan cruise for the summer of 2021 and I wanted to share with you one of the providers I have been looking at.

MS Roald Amundsen Hurtigruten Alaska

MS Roald Amundsen Hurtigruten Alaska
MS Roald Amundsen in Tracy Arm Fjord

Hurtigruten is a Norwegian small ship expedition cruise provider that has been in business since 1893. They travel to the remotest corners of the world and provide guests with unique experiences across the globe. From wildlife sighting to a visit with a secluded society. Their mission is to bring adventurers to discover the natural beauty and wonder of some of the most remote destinations on earth with itineraries developed with this goal in mind.


They are an industry leader in green technology and strive to reduce impacts on the environments they visit around the world by reducing emissions and increasing sustainability in all that they do. Their ships are hybrid electric-powered ships and they are continually looking for sources of alternative fuels thereby setting a new standard for the future of cruising. They are custom-built to provide guests the ability to safely and comfortably land in the most spectacular and difficult to reach places around the world. 

Hurtigruten Discover Alaska

Girl looking through microscope

Girl looking through microscope
Credit: Genna Roland / Hurtigruten

The heart of their explorer ships is a Science Center, designed as a multi-purpose area for different scale gatherings and interaction between guests and the expedition team. These areas will offer a variety of meaningful experiences in different areas like wildlife spotting (birds, marine mammals), geology, biology, history, geography, glaciology, photography, and oceanography.

There will be daily onboard activities related to different Young Explorers’ topics. Through the program, children will get a deeper understanding of nature, climate and culture. Depending on seasons and destinations, they will also be introduced to topics like wildlife, local food, environmental protection, and famous explorers. This will give the children a sense of what it is like to be a real explorer in beautiful, untouched surroundings.

Kids in tent Antarctica

Kids in tent Antarctica
Credit: Jonathan Björklund / Hurtigruten

One of my favorite parts about their ships is their Young Explorers’ Program. In this program, children between the ages of 6 and 12 will learn about other cultures, the importance of nature in our daily lives, and the impact humans have on our delicate and beautiful planet. The Young Explorers’ Program makes it easier to meet other children on board, bond over common activities, and form lasting friendships.


Hurtigruten includes some onshore activities as part of the cost of the cruise. There are landings with short hikes to scenic or wildlife spots, and small boat cruises near the ship and landing sites. Beyond this included activities, there are also optional activities that you can participate in like kayaking, river rafting and fishing. Birdwatching, helicopter tours, and dog sledding. Longer guided hikes to scenic viewpoints or wildlife habitats.

There are also included onboard activities like lectures from world-class experts on a range of scientific tops, the science center with advanced microscopes and library, on-deck wildlife spotting and points of interest, documentary films, and arts and crafts workshops.

The types of wildlife you may be able to see while visiting Alaska are different types of birds, fish, bears, whales, caribou, moose, deer, wolves, and many other species.

Watch the video below to “Explore from Home” and get more of an idea what cruising to Alaska is like on an expedition cruise.

And if you’d like more reading material, below is an Alaskan brochure as well as Hurtigruten latest promotion for you to peruse.

About Alaska with Hurtigruten Brochure

Find out more about what sailing Alaska onboard a Hurtigruten ship is like. 

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